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I was diagnosed in 2015 I was skeptical but said id try anything once
Granulomas in my lungs and lymph nodes I worked for called me the next day Sat

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Maggie Hudson Communications Manager Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research• But since I have neurosarcoidosis I see Dr.

معنى AM و معنى PM وما هو الفرق بينها AM صباحاً و PM مساءً مع أمثلة
Can anyone who is on methotrexate tell me what the maximum dose is? If it is working for other people I want it too
معنى AM و معنى PM وما هو الفرق بينها AM صباحاً و PM مساءً مع أمثلة
Lets be the drs and if we find something that helps let us inform each other
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HI Pamela, I was blessed with a family doctor that actually cares for his patients
Sorry it took so long to rely Here is the unusual part at least it seems that way to me, maybe i am wrong I dont know My Cousin was also sick in Feb and was dealing with chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia
Does anyone have issues with coughing due to this disease? The doctors are saying my sarcoid has spread to my Liver These are two antibiotics that have shown much promise in curing not remission Sarcoidosis

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Its all over my back, butt, legs, arms, chest, and nose.

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I nearly jumped out of our car on a highway because I was so over anxious
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She has been sick off and on for the last 9 months, never really getting fully better
The first specialist I went to see was in Pittsburgh All the way up to 80mg a day, for Just over a year and was still growing
Now waiting on doctors to help Wondering if anybody has has skin sarc first then it showed up in your lungs? Then strange lesions appeared on my humerus shoulders on X Ray

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Please somebody tell is there one doctor that can help it all? I was diagnosed back in 2015 with skin sarcoidosis on my lower legs.

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Getting another chest xray and blood work done tomorrow, always do when I have a flare up
The Stages of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis
I hate medication and avoid at all costs
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Does anyone out there who has had it in the brain can tell me what their symptoms were before they learned it was in the brain? When I first went to see him he found everything he could on NS